Digital Workspace Performance Assurance with
eG Enterprise on AWS Public Cloud - A Case Study

eG Enterprise Cloud exceeds all Homepoint's requirements and gives their customers a seamless online experience

Getting proactive alerting to drive space on our cloud desktops ensures that our developers aren't stopped in their tracks by event locks on the Windows 10 static desktops. Quote

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Key Benefits

  • Proactive alerting and management
  • Seamless cloud and on-premises operation
  • Optimizes IT resources for maximum performance
  • Ensures superior digital user experience
  • Reduced operating costs via automation

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Single-pane-of-glass visibility across public, private, and hybrid deployments
  • Actionable answers to performance issues
  • Unified IT performance monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, reporting, and capacity-planning in a single console
  • Flexible deployment options

As the US' third-largest wholesale mortgage lender, Homepoint is providing customer experiences that are supporting people at each stage of the homeownership journey - and having the right technology-enabled tools is critical.

Homepoint's Requirements

Homepoint's mission is to simplify the mortgage experience, enabling customers to achieve financially healthy, happy homeownership as early as possible. So, it was critical to Homepoint that the performance monitoring solution provides proactive alerts. System administrators needed to know of issues before users.

In addition, having a detailed analysis of user latency, logon times, and application launch failures were important because without assuring the digital user experience, the investments Homepoint was making in business process improvements would be wasted.

Secure, web-based communication to the Customer Learning Center for tools and resources was also a mandatory requirement. The solution would have to enable secure communication with public cloud providers as well as Citrix Cloud.

Another critical requirement was that the solution should monitor the available drive space on the cloud desktops to avoid triggering event locks. This was critical to ensure that new functionality to users was not interrupted.

So, when they had to assure end-to-end performance, they turned to eG Enterprise Cloud running on AWS.

Secure Digital Workspace Performance Monitoring on AWS with eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a comprehensive unified performance management solution for cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Available in SaaS-based and on-premises deployment models, eG Enterprise enables the success of your cloud initiatives by delivering end-to-end visibility across user experience and performance of applications, database, virtualization, storage, and network.

Based on decades of experience working with digital workspace technologies, eG Innovations has architected eG Enterprise to address the unique challenges that digital workspaces pose. eG Enterprise Cloud is a fully SaaS-based deployment of eG Enterprise running on AWS public cloud.

eG Enterprise's secure architecture for IT monitoring was an important factor for Homepoint. It avoids unnecessarily open ports, communication between the agents and the manager is secured, and the monitor uses standard, secure, modern industry standards for protocols, authentication, and encryption.

The ability to monitor all aspects of Citrix user experience on Citrix Cloud Services as well as the ability to leverage Azure APIs to gather in-depth performance metrics were the deciding factors for Homepoint.

By delivering eG Enterprise Cloud as a service available on AWS, eG Innovations makes deployment of the solution simple and cost-effective.

Also, executive management used user dashboards and reports to help them rapidly adjust plans to meet customer demand.

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It took us 9 days to move 90% of our workforce to a WFH environment... Much faster and more smoothly than competitors...Quote Sean Cooper System Administrator   |  Download Case Study »
Homepoint selected eG Enterprise Cloud running on AWS as it exceeded all their requirements. It was easily deployed and gives their customers a seamless online experience.

About Homepoint

Homepoint is one of the nation's leading mortgage originator and servicers, putting people front and center of the homebuying and homeownership experience. The company supports successful homeownership as a crucial element of broader financial security and well-being through delivering long-term value beyond the loan.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Homepoint works with a nationwide network of more than 6,500 mortgage broker and correspondent partners with deep knowledge and expertise about the communities and customers they serve. Today, Homepoint is the nation's third-largest wholesale mortgage lender and the 7th-largest non-bank mortgage lender.

About eG Innovations

eG Innovations is dedicated to helping businesses across the globe transform IT service delivery into a competitive advantage and a center for productivity, growth, and profit. Many of the world's largest businesses use eG Enterprise to enhance IT service performance, increase operational efficiency, ensure IT effectiveness, and deliver on the ROI promise of transformational IT investments across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.