eG Enterprise at SeAH Networks

IT Performance Monitoring and Cost Savings Strategies

Color coded topology views in eG Enterprise helps us greatly. We can figure out problems that cause slowness and identify bottlenecks that affect quality of service for our end users Quote

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Key Benefits to SeAH Networks

  • Total performance visibility for a complex IT infrastructure improves efficiency and user experience
  • Automatic detection of root cause enables fast resolution of performance problems
  • End-to-end correlated performance insights enables analysis that helps prevent future problems proactively
  • Easy and effective capacity planning reduces costs

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Complete end-to-end view from end user to the data center—every layer of every tier
  • Personalized views and dashboards offer instant visibility into performance insights that matter
  • Automatic thresholding and baselining enables proactive problem diagnosis
  • Automatic correlation across application and infrastructure performance simplifies troubleshooting and reduces cost

SeAH Networks: Company Background

IT Performance Monitoring and Optimization - eG Enterprise

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, SeAH Steel is a leading manufacturer and distributor of steel products. The company has over 57 years of experience offering different types of steel products, including steel pipes, sheets and tubes for piping, mechanical structures, oil wells, and construction of buildings. The company's products make up the core steel materials used in industries such as automotive, shipping, heavy machines, energy production, construction, and many more. With production and sales networks in eight countries around the world, SeAH Steel has a truly global operation.

As SeAH Steel's business has expanded (the company currently makes over 2.5 Trillion Won in annual revenue), it has become increasingly reliant on IT for its day to day business. SeAH Networks, a part of the SeAH Group of companies, has been entrusted with the task of providing software and hardware solutions and creating an efficient and productive digital infrastructure for SeAH Steel to transact business.

The Challenge: Gaining Single-Pane-of-Glass Performance Visibility

As SeAH Steel's business has grown, so has the scale and complexity of its IT infrastructure. At the same time, the business' demands on IT have also increased. IT services must be delivered in a truly non-stop manner. SeAH Networks, the IT service provider responsible for operating this infrastructure, was tasked with finding a way of ensuring that the IT infrastructure and services performed well and that the business could function seamlessly.

SeAH Networks had already been using multiple monitoring solutions. While these solutions focused on specific applications and infrastructure tiers, it was soon apparent that they did not provide a comprehensive single-pane-of-glass view of the entire IT infrastructure. In addition, their client, SeAH Steel, needed end-to-end performance visibility for all of their IT service offerings. Because they were relying on multiple tools, analysis of problems was difficult and time-consuming, and there was no scientific way to measure current IT resources in use and projecting future needs.

Therefore, SeAH Networks looked for a unified, single-paneof-glass solution that could modernize its IT monitoring and operations. It was in this context that SeAH Networks considered the eG Enterprise solution from eG Innovations.

The Solution: Unified IT Monitoring with eG Enterprise

The IT infrastructure that SeAH Networks manages is very heterogeneous. In keeping with current industry trends, the infrastructure is also highly virtualized, with VMware vSphere being the driving technology of choice. Hundreds of virtual machines run Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Key applications include SAP for enterprise resource planning, Microsoft Exchange, and databases including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. The infrastructure also includes Cisco network devices and storage devices from Hitachi and IBM.

The SeAH Networks operations team evaluated several monitoring products, including multiple local solutions, but they ultimately found eG Enterprise to be the best fit for their needs. One of the key reasons for this was eG Enterprise's unique capabilities for virtualization monitoring. The monitoring solution provides correlated views of the performance of the hosts and the virtual machines, enabling the SeAH networks operations team to differentiate between VM problem and physical host problem easily. In addition, eG Enterprise also has built-in expertise for monitoring, diagnosis and reporting of into SAP ERP applications, Exchange, databases, storage, and much more. Based on short proof of concept, the SeAH Networks operations team decided to adopt eG Enterprise as their primary monitoring console.

The local system integrator was able to quickly develop a localized, custom dashboard that uses performance metrics from eG Enterprise and presents it in just the way that the SeAH administrators require. "We now have a single integrated view of the entire infrastructure. This has improved problem diagnosis significantly and enabled us to monitor the performance of our IT services proactively. Colorcoded topology views in eG Enterprise help us greatly. We can figure out problems that cause slowness and identify bottlenecks that affect the quality of service for our endusers," said an IT Leader at SeAH Networks.


How SeAH Networks is Benefiting from Using eG Enterprise

IT Performance Monitoring Software
  • Integrated solution provides cost savings: The eG Enterprise Universal Monitor technology provides measurable value to SeAH Networks. Using multiple monitoring solutions for different infrastructure tiers and applications was expensive. With eG Enterprise's universal monitor technology, when SeAH Networks needs to monitor new applications or devices, they simply add additional monitors.
  • Moved from reactive to proactive monitoring: With such a dispersed and diverse infrastructure, SeAH Networks' IT managers needed to gain accurate and holistic understanding of performance for issue resolution and capacity planning. eG Enterprise's multi-level, automatic thresholding capability enables detection of unusual traffic patterns and trends almost immediately, thereby helping administrators to resolve problems before they impact user experience and productivity. Performance alerts are sent to IT managers in real time enabling faster issue resolution.
  • Reduced time to recovery: A single system failure impacts many business processes. With a silo-based approach to monitoring, detecting and fixing problems required excessive time and manpower. With eG Enterprise, SeAH Networks now has complete end-to-end visibility. Any time there is an application or device that is not supported out of the box by eG Enterprise, SeAH Networks simply develops custom monitoring for that tier, with help from a local partner. eG Enterprise's root cause diagnosis technology then helps admins quickly distinguish the root cause of a problem from its effects, thereby improving mean time to resolution (MTTR) for IT experts.