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Ensure successful Citrix and VDI deployments with eG Enterprise.

For a Great Citrix User Experience, Logon Simulation is Just the Beginning.

The free eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator helps you proactively monitor one aspect of the Citrix user experience – the Citrix logon. But what about other aspects of Citrix user experience, such as application launch time, screen refresh latency, HDX bandwidth, session reliability, etc.?

And, if you detect a slowdown, do you know what is causing the issue: Is it in the Citrix stack? Or, could it be due to the network, the storage tier, virtualization platform, or the application itself? Identifying the root cause of Citrix performance problems often requires experts to spend hours and days analyzing data from multiple toolsets.

eG Enterprise: End-to-End Citrix Performance Monitoring & Auto-Diagnosis

Citrix diagnostics and tools help manage logon and performance issues
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  • Monitor all aspects of Citrix user experience and resolve problems before users are affected
  • Get a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire Citrix farm including XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, StoreFront, NetScaler, PVS, License Server, and more
  • Identify the root cause of performance problems using automatic dependency mapping and correlative intelligence
  • Leverage historical reports for infrastructure right-sizing, optimization, capacity planning and forecasting

Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix?
eG Enterprise has been the exclusive performance monitoring solution for Citrix Synergy and Citrix Summit conferences since 2015, providing the Citrix events team with visibility across their entire on-site infrastructure to support keynotes, demonstrations and labs.



eG Enterprise end-to-end monitoring works well for our corporate events to simplify our ability to monitor the entire infrastructure from a single console. The eG Enterprise unified console enables us to quickly identify and assess performance issues across the entire IT service delivery chain. With visibility throughout our on-premises and hybrid cloud-based infrastructures, we can be proactive instead of reactive in our approach to performance management. It's a valuable tool that contributes to the success of our live industry events.

Fabian Wright
Event Technical Marketing Manager, Citrix

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