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eG North American Partner of the Year

This Partner Spotlight focuses on California-based Entisys360, an award-winning IT consultancy specializing in the deployment and delivery of advanced IT infrastructure, virtualization and cloud solutions to companies in California and surrounding states.

Entisys360: eG North American Partner of the Year

Entisys360: eG Innovations 2016 North American Partner of the Year

Entisys360 was recently named eG Innovations' 2016 North American Partner of the Year, a prestigious honor that signifies Entisys360 and eG Innovations' ongoing joint success in delivering top business results from Citrix and virtualization deployments. For over five years, the combination of Entisys360's best-practices consultancy approach with the total performance visibility of eG Enterprise has proven to be a winning partnership for delivering excellent IT service delivery.

In this partner spotlight, Strohl weighs in on how the IT consultancy is working with eG Innovations to solve its clients' pressing IT and business challenges.

At Entisys360, we are firmly committed to providing our valued customers with best practices and recommendations on technology solutions that can help them achieve their desired ROI. We believe that performance management is critical to driving the success of any virtualization deployment, including those in Citrix-based environments, and this is why we have chosen to leverage eG Innovations within our portfolio of solutions

Mike StrohlCEO, Entisys360

About Entisys360

Entisys360 (formerly Entisys Solutions and Agile360) is an award-winning IT consultancy specializing in the deployment and delivery of advanced IT infrastructure, virtualization and cloud solutions. Through state-of-the-art methodologies and broad solutions and services offerings, Entisys360 expertly solves its clients most pressing IT and business challenges.

Service Offerings

With more than two decades of experience, Entisy360 has become a trusted advisor to some of the most prominent companies in California. Offering professional support services, managed services, consulting and engineering services, Entisys360 serves mid-tier and enterprises within the healthcare, financial services and legal services sectors, as well as educational institutions and government agencies.

Over the years, Entisys360 has partnered with industry leaders including HPE, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and NetApp. Their consultants are experts in state of the art methodologies and solution offerings around HP Moonshot®, HP Helion® OpenStack cloud solutions, HP converged infrastructure systems, Citrix® desktop and application delivery virtualization, Microsoft® virtual infrastructure and management solutions, VMware® virtualization and, NetApp storage virtualization.

Adopting a Best Practice Approach to Successful Citrix and Virtualization Deployment

"Our consultants are experts at complex virtualization and data center solutions and they have been involved in some of the largest deployments of these technologies," said Strohl. "We are always at the forefront, investing in new and cutting-edge technology offerings that will enable us to solve our customers' most pressing business and IT challenges.

Entisys360 does not simply add technology solutions to its portfolio for the sake of doing so. "When we engage with customers, we provide them best practices and recommendations on technology solutions that they should look at in order to get the return on investment they expect from their virtualization deployments. Today, performance and user experience monitoring is very much an integral part of the technology stack we recommend our customers look at when they embark on any of any virtualization deployment," continued Strohl. "To help our customers meet this need, we've incorporated eG Innovations solutions into our best practice recommendations for any virtualization project, including those in Citrix-based environments."

eG Innovations and Entisys360:
Forging a Strong and Successful Partnership

Entisys360 has been working with eG Innovations for more than five years. Joint customers include market leaders across many industries, such as eBay, PayPal, Autodesk, William Sonoma, SanDisk, Adobe, Gilead Sciences, Hitachi Data Systems, Prometheus Real Estate, Simpson Strong-Tie, and Fresno City College.

"Our customers have seen significant benefit from deploying the eG Enterprise solution from eG Innovations," said Strohl. "eG Enterprise has helped us provide complete visibility into the availability and performance of critical IT services for our customers, and some of the most common benefits of the solution include increasing both user and IT productivity; providing early and proactive alerting on issues that affect user experience; accelerating issue resolution; and, supporting the quick identification of root-cause of problems."

"Entisys360 has been our stand-out North American partner in 2016," said Jim Lange, Senior Northwest Regional Manager for eG Innovations. "Entisys360 and eG Innovations work closely together to identify opportunities to deliver operational success and maximum ROI for our joint customers and prospects. Together, we identify organizations that will benefit most from the increased user, service and system performance that eG Enterprise provides, and then help them analyze different options and determine the solution that will best contribute to success. Most importantly, the Entisys360 and eG Innovations teams work hand-in-hand to ensure that customers achieve their business goals and maximize their returns from their software investments. We are ideal partners because of this shared focus on customer success and a common consulting sales model."

"As part of Entisys360's investment in eG Innovations' technology five of its lead technical experts have been trained and are actively supporting joint customers in deploying the solution. In addition to reselling and supporting eG Innovations products, Entisys360 has also been using eG Enterprise for customer health checks."

"We have seen a shift in the way customers look at performance monitoring from the time when we first started working with eG Innovations," continued Strohl. "Many are looking to begin monitoring performance of their IT services from the get-go, instead of looking at it as an afterthought. This is an approach that we strongly recommend, as we find that it saves customers a lot of time and money in the long run."

"We have also found that when virtualization deployments, including those in Citrix-based environments are done right from the very beginning, customers become more content and their deployments grow, which helps to generate additional resale and services for us," concluded Strohl.