Monitor Heterogeneous Database (Oracle, SQL, MongoDB, etc.) from a Single Pane of Glass

eG Enterprise: The best database monitoring tool for DBAs

A fast database ensures enhanced application performance. DBAs and IT admins need comprehensive visibility into database performance metrics and query-level insight to be able to quickly troubleshoot business-impacting issues.

Watch this demo and learn how eG Enterprise offers end-to-end database monitoring for multi-vendor database servers, such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, SAP HANA, MongoDB, and more. Gain quick access of critical database performance metrics and be the first to know when there’s any bottleneck. Whether your databases are running on physical or virtual servers on-premises or hosted in the cloud, eG Enterprise has got you covered for monitoring.

Key capabilities of the eG Enterprise for database monitoring:

  • Monitor the health, availability and performance of database servers
  • Identify problems such as long-running queries, high wait time, I/O hotspots, root blockers, index fragmentation, and more
  • Track KPIs on memory, buffer, cache, latches and locks
  • Monitor database file size, table size and transaction log size
  • Keep tabs on database user connections and transactions

Database monitoring demo

Troubleshoot database performance issues and ensure blazing fast database access

Watch a demo of eG Enterprise

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