Monitoring & Troubleshooting .NET Application Performance Problems

Complete Visibility into .NET applications, business transactions, CLR, IIS, SQL, and more

Ready to know why your Microsoft .NET applications are slow? What is causing performance problems? Is there an issue in the .NET code? Developers and application owners often get involved in long war room sessions to isolate the root cause of application performance problems. With the right know-how, you can triage problems faster.

Watch this eG Enterprise online demo and learn how a converged application and infrastructure monitoring strategy can help:

  • Track down digital experience issues in real time
  • Analyze critical business transactions and diagnose slowdowns
  • Gain .NET code-level visibility to solve application problems
  • Understand application dependencies with underlying infrastructure (IIS, Hyper-V, SQL, Azure, etc.)
  • Auto-correlate alerts and isolate the root cause of performance problems

.NET monitoring demo

In-depth performance monitoring and diagnostics for .NET applications

Watch a demo of eG Enterprise