Seven Critical Strategies and Features for
APM in Higher and Further Education

Universities, colleges and further education institutions are increasingly adopting Application Performance Monitoring (APM) strategies as their IT teams become responsible for supporting a wide range of applications based around .NET, Java, Node.js and PHP technologies. In this new E-Book we review a range of options available to ITOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot key educational applications and the infrastructures that support them.

This E-Book guides the IT administrator in education through key technologies and monitoring methodologies they can leverage to monitor and troubleshoot key education applications and the infrastructures they run on.

  • Advice on monitoring and maintaining key educational IT technologies and applications is included covering.
  • LMS (Learning Management Systems) and curriculum frameworks such as Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas.
  • Applications to support HR, administration, research, finance, and student information system (SIS) software such as Polus' Fibi - Electronic Research Administration Suite, Kuali, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and OnCore.
  • Content and learning creation tools and applications such as MyKnowledgeMap.
  • Cloud platforms and services on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) and others.
  • Virtualizing and streaming faculty specific applications often for remote access via SaaS (Software as a Service), VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and technologies such as Citrix, VMware, Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft AVD and others.

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