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eG Innovations publishes results of survey on unified performance management

Operations management, human performance management, service level management and most importantly customer and employee satisfaction are some of the important elements comprised within unified performance management.

Recently, eG Innovations, a provider of unified performance management solutions, revealed the results of its annual worldwide survey of over 150 IT operations professionals in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific on managing service performance in transformational IT environments.

Findings of the survey show that companies are having a hard time to keep up with the performance management requirements of virtualized IT infrastructures.

Virtualization and cloud computing are the two transformational IT technologies that have brought about a great deal of change in the way IT services are provisioned and delivered. These technologies offer significant operational and cost benefits but owing to the dynamic nature of the infrastructure, they also make management of business services much more complex and challenging.

Officials said that unified performance management tools that are designed for physical environments are not only difficult to use, but are also not equipped to handle the dynamic inter-dependencies in virtual infrastructures.

The study also found that in order to catch up with the rapid pace of technological changes and deal with these new priorities and challenges, IT operations are looking for new unified performance management practices and solutions.

In a press release, Karin Kelley, analyst of Infrastructure Software at 451 Research, said in a statement, "Virtualization and cloud technologies render the traditional, manual approach to performance management nadequate." "To deliver on the ROI promise, today's IT ops need to automate and accelerate the diagnosis and resolution of performance issues in dynamic and complex service environments."

- Deepika Mala

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