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eG Innovations wants to help organization make sense out of complexity

eG Innovations is offering a comprehensive, yet easy to use, set of tools to monitor enterprise environments. The company has to make itself heard over others in a very competitive and noisy performance management market.

Srinivas Ramanathan, founder, president and CEO of eG Innovations and his colleague, Holger Schulze, VP marketing, stopped by to introduce me to the company and discuss some recent announcements.

eG Innovations focuses on providing performance monitoring and management for physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. The company has a special interest in solving performance challenges for organizations deploying several different types of virtualization including access virtualization tools offered by Citrix, desktop virtualization and server virtualization based upon a number of different virtual machine software platforms. The company's technology has the ability to monitor workloads using a number of different approaches including the installation of agents, server-based software and software that monitors network traffic.

The company is offering products that have the capability to monitor enterprise computing environments that use quite a diverse array of tools and platforms. It also offers products focused on monitoring virtual machine software; a number of application frameworks; web servers; as well as physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

eG Innovation's demonstration was impressive. It was simple enough for an analyst to quickly comprehend what was going on in the network and comprehensive enough to allow an IT administrator to dig deeper and deeper into a complex computing environment and come up with the root cause of a slow down or outage.

The performance management market is very competitive at this time. eG Innovations finds itself competing with big players, such as BMC, CA, HP, IBM and Microsoft, and a veritable herd of smaller players. eG has to find ways to get their messages heard in a noisy environment.

Furthermore, most medium and large organizations are already using a number of tools to monitor their environments. eG, once it has an organization's attention, has to show how well it integrates into a complex world and adds value.

Having seen the demonstration, I suspect that if an IT decision-maker takes a look at eG, they'll want to try it out. If using eG's products is actually as easy as it looks, they'll win business a great deal of the time.

- Dan Kusnetzky

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