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Monitor Citrix Performance in 3-D with eG Enterprise - Spotlight Video Contest 2016 Winner!

Recently, Citrix Ready announced the winners of the Spotlight Video Contest 2016.

With so many great entries and enthusiastic voting, it was an excellent way to highlight the capabilities and creativity of our valued Citrix Ready partners.

In this post, we'll be featuring one of our winning videos by eG Innovations: eG Enterprise 6.1: Are You Monitoring Citrix in 3-D?

It is hard to overstate the value of monitoring the performance of your Citrix infrastructure toward being able to provide the best possible user experience and efficiently manage your overall IT spend. As a Citrix Ready partner since 2003, the team at eG Innovations understands Citrix applications and desktop virtualization top to bottom and is focused on offering the full visibility and automation necessary for the efficient management of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop performance.

eG Innovations animated video illustrates that there are three dimensions to effective Citrix performance monitoring:

Reach Across Every Tier

As Citrix administrators will attest, very often what is perceived as a “Citrix issue” is nothing of the kind, and is actually a bottleneck outside of the Citrix stack is the actual cause of user-perceived slowdowns. Therefore, visibility across your entire physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure is necessary to both ensure top performance and an excellent user experience, and enable quick identification of issues when they arise.

Depth of Coverage Throughout Each Stack

Comprehensive, intuitive drill-downs to all performance data across the infrastructure gives you the power needed to both diagnose and remediate performance issues quickly. Whether it is Citrix logon time, application launch times, websites accessed by browsers published through Citrix XenApp, network bandwidth usage, visibility into HDX virtual channels, or even server utilization, all key performance metrics must be available at all times.

Speed to Resolution

Time is of the essence and users do not want to be affected by slow downs. Automatic correlation of performance issue root-causes with their effects – across the physical and virtual infrastructure – dramatically speeds accurate resolution.

eG Enterprise offers you all three dimensions required for top Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop performance. Find their Citrix Ready verified performance management and monitoring on the Citrix Ready Marketplace. Learn more and try it today at the eG Innovations website.

- Gurpreet Kaur

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