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Monitor Logon Performance Seamlessly with eG Innovations

Today’s digital economy spans geographies, network landscapes, and distributed datacenters, so it is important to establish seamless remote connectivity for end users, wherever they connect and from whichever device. eG Innovations, a Citrix Ready Partner since 2010, and Citrix have been working together to ensure that their end-user computing solutions offer an enriching virtual workspace experience for users.

To help organizations monitor, manage and improve end-user experience for virtualized application/desktop delivery, eG Innovations has released a free tool, the eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator – a fully SaaS-based synthetic logon testing and performance monitoring tool for Citrix infrastructures. It is compatible with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Read more about this tool here.

The eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator is a Citrix Ready-certified solution that helps IT administrators to:

  • Create a synthetic simulation of logon scenarios from any local or remote endpoint
  • Proactively measure logon performance at regular intervals
  • Test and understand the user logon experience, and detect any slowness or errors
  • Compare user logon metrics across different locations
  • Establish baselines for logon time execution
  • Optimize and fine-tune logon performance before real users access XenApp/XenDesktop sessions

Quick Deployment. Easy to Get Started.

As a cloud-hosted service, the eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator is very easy to set up and use. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Register for your free account on the eG Innovations website
  • Configure the URL of the StoreFront/NetScaler URL to your Citrix farm and the names of virtualized applications and desktops
  • Download and install a lightweight agent on the target system where the logon simulation will be performed

From here, the eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator will automatically start performing logon simulations and capturing performance metrics. Administrators can use a web-based dashboard to monitor logon simulations.

eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator dashboard
eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator dashboard for monitoring simulated Citrix logons

How It Works

The eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator measures the time taken for every step in the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop logon process. Administrators can get alerted when slowness is detected in any of the steps: browser access, authentication, HDX session establishment, enumeration, application/desktop launch. A visual breakdown of logon execution-time simplifies monitoring, problem diagnosis and troubleshooting. There are also built-in reports to analyze historical logon performance and track trends.

eG Enterprise Logon Simulator
An example of eG Enterprise Logon Simulator pinpointing slow authentication as the cause of logon slowdown

Key Benefits and Use Cases

The eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator is a completely free service offered by eG Innovations. Any organization using Citrix technologies can benefit from this free tool, as it helps them proactively monitor, test and optimize the XenApp and XenDesktop user experience. Also, Citrix Solution Advisors that offer Citrix services can make use of eG Enterprise Express themselves or recommend it to their customers.

The free logon simulator is especially useful during new Citrix deployments, upgrades, and infrastructure expansion. By benchmarking performance before and after an upgrade/expansion, Citrix administrators can precisely measure any change in user experience throughout the upgrade/expansion process.

The eG Enterprise Express Free Logon Simulator complements Citrix Director’s real user experience monitoring capabilities for XenApp and XenDesktop sessions. Using both real user logon monitoring and synthetic logon monitoring technologies helps Citrix administrators take better control of managing the Citrix user experience, and their organizations can benefit from improved business productivity and customer satisfaction.

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- Gurpreet Kaur

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