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Survey finds performance management critical to success of Citrix deployments

A new survey by IT infrastructure performance monitoring and management solutions provider eG Innovations provides an inside glimpse into the current state of performance management among Citrix environments. It is the first global look of the challenges, technology choices and best practices of this type of atmosphere.

The 23-page report reveals that performance management is critical to the success of Citrix deployments. With 97 percent of the more than 600 Citrix professionals who participated in the survey saying they consider it to be important for the expansion of their Citrix infrastructure and 86 percent saying that performance management is a major concern during the migration of Citrix versions.

Regarding challenges, survey respondents said Citrix often gets the blame for all user experience problems, even when the problem isn't caused by the Citrix tiers.

When a problem does arise; Citrix administrators report spending more than 30 percent of their time fire-fighting and troubleshooting (in the majority of cases that deal with performance problems). This is largely due to the fact that Citrix performance management is mostly manual.

"The survey reveals that while performance and user experience is becoming more critical to the success of Citrix deployments, Citrix admins still struggle with information overload from too many silo tools that don't provide a fast and easy answer to their performance questions," Holger Schulze, vice president of marketing for eG Innovations, said in a statement. "There is an opportunity for Citrix admins to upgrade their analytics capabilities with new tools that can provide actionable intelligence across all tiers and layers of the IT environment."

Despite the majority of respondents having disclosed they are seeking to make performance management proactive so that they can be alerted of a problem or problems and fix them before they become even bigger issues and impact the end users' experience. Only a few respondents said they have solid performance benchmarks of their Citrix infrastructure. Approximately one fourth of those who took the survey said they have never conducted any performance benchmark, while less than one fifth said they conduct benchmarks only during migration.

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- Kasey Schefflin-Emrich

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