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In many organizations, IT helpdesks are just mediators between end users and IT experts. Often, helpdesk personnel have no visibility of the operational state of the IT services or the different infrastructure tiers. Consequently, when users complain, all that the helpdesk does is to schedule bridge calls or tiger-team meetings for the IT experts.

eG Enterprise changes all this. It provides IT helpdesks with unparalleled visibility into the operational state of key IT services – including call centers and critical ecommerce platforms. Color-coded service topology maps provide helpdesk staff with visual cues so they can quickly and easily determine which IT expert needs to be involved for troubleshooting a problem.


eG Enterprise empowers IT helpdesks to play an active role in IT operations. A top tier bank deploying eG Enterprise saw a 33% reduction in problem resolution times for simple problems, and an order of magnitude reduction for more complex problems that involved multiple tiers. The bank was also able to cut down on the experts who needed to be involved in troubleshooting problems.

Layer and topology performance monitoring give Help Desk managers tools to quickly identify and solve user problems.

eG Enterprise helps IT helpdesks,

Reduce trouble calls from users by exposing dashboards that highlight the infrastructure performance

Handle user complaints quickly by viewing the real-time state of the IT service infrastructure and thereby determining if the user complaint relates to a known issue

Diagnose quickly if a problem is with the user’s terminal, network, data center, or application

Resolve problems rapidly by following simple color cues in service topologies and identifying the expert who needs to be called to resolve a problem

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid cloud setups and on-premises deployments
  • Deploy eG Enterprise using our SaaS platform or on-premises
  • Suitable for monitoring cloud applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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