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eG Innovations gains traction with new customers for its cloud performance management solution

First public demo at VMworld 2011, company to demonstrate deep visibility into performance of business services from the cloud, of the cloud, and for the cloud

LAS VEGAS(VMWorld 2011) - August 30, 2011 – eG Innovations, Inc., provider of the world's leading performance management solution to help companies deliver mission-critical business services across complex cloud, virtualized, and physical IT environments, today announced it has secured new customers in the healthcare, finance, consulting and outsourcing industries for its eG Enterprise-on-TapTM SaaS solution.eG Innovations will give its first public demonstration of the solution at its booth #771 at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.

New customers include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jupiter Medical Center, HCA Hospital Corporation of America, and others. These companies turned to eG Enterprise-on-Tap for on-demand, deep visibility into the performance of their business services running in the cloud, on virtualized platforms or physical on-premises servers.

"We were looking for a cloud-based performance management solution to help us quickly improve our service quality by being able to quickly detect and remediate performance issues across a diverse IT environment", said James Lonano, IT manager at Jupiter Medical Center. "eG Innovations' eG Enterprise-on-Tap performance management solution helps Jupiter Medical Center deliver reliable business services across our IT infrastructure and resolve performance issues proactively - before they impact users."

"We all know the promise of cloud computing is agility, quick scalability and costs savings, but poor user experience of services running in the cloud can threaten the success and ROI of cloud initiatives," said Srinivas Ramanathan, founder and CEO of eG Innovations. "When performance issues occur with cloud or on-premises services, it's difficult to pinpoint the root cause with traditional tools. Is it Citrix, VMware, VDI, is it the application server or storage, or is it the network? A new, holistic approach is needed to ensure uninterrupted visibility across every tier and every layer of the entire cloud ecosystem and to address the needs of different stakeholders - from cloud consumers to service providers of private, public and hybrid clouds. This is precisely what eG Enterprise-on-Tap delivers."

eG Enterprise-on-Tap SaaS Solution

eG Enterprise-on-Tap is the first enterprise-class SaaS solution that provides total performance visibility across all tiers and all layers of the distributed cloud ecosystem to proactively discover, instantly diagnose, and resolve performance issues before they impact user experience.

Based on a 100 percent web-based architecture, eG Enterprise-on-Tap is very simple to deploy and does not require any ports to be opened or rules to be changed in corporate firewalls. It is also capable of monitoring servers within multiple private networks and demilitarized zones. Using industry standard security protocols, eG Enterprise-on-Tap supports completely encrypted communication from the monitored servers. Users can access the administration, monitoring, reporting and configuration tracking consoles from their web browsers.

eG Enterprise – Performance Management From the Cloud, Of the Cloud and For the Cloud

The eG Enterprise suite, of which eG Enterprise-on-Tap is a part, delivers performance management for organizations moving to the cloud from three important perspectives: the deployment model, the cloud consumer view, and the cloud provider view. All three of these perspectives will be on demonstration at the eG Innovations booth at VMworld 2011.

Deployment Model

eG Enterprise-on-Tap delivers performance management as a service, allowing organizations to receive performance metrics, dashboards, reports and alerts directly FROM the cloud. Using this service, enterprises can monitor their cloud, virtual, or physical infrastructures without having to procure and deploy the software and hardware necessary for provisioning a performance management system in-house.

Cloud Consumer View

Enterprises that host their key business applications in the cloud must ensure that the end user experience matches that of in-house business services. Performance monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting OF the cloud are integral to managing the user experience for cloud-hosted business services. eG Enterprise's breadth and depth of monitoring helps cloud consumers proactively identify QoS performance bottlenecks, pinpoint the root-cause of problems, and take corrective action to ensure that the cloud service performance and end user experience does not degrade.

Cloud Provider View

Providers of private and public clouds must deliver services that meet the performance expectations of their users and customers. eG Enterprise's performance management FOR the cloud helps cloud providers deliver better cloud performance, maximum service availability, and superior customer satisfaction. Key components of this solution include the ability to monitor every tier of the cloud provider's infrastructure stack – from the underlying hardware, network and storage, to the virtualization platform and self service front-end applications.

About eG Innovations

eG Innovations provides the world's leading enterprise-class performance management solution that enables organizations to reliably deliver mission-critical business services across complex cloud, virtual, and physical IT environments. Where traditional monitoring tools often fail to provide insight into the performance drivers of business services and user experience, eG Innovations provides total performance visibility across every layer and every tier of the IT infrastructure that supports the business service chain. From desktops to applications, from servers to network and storage, eG Innovations helps companies proactively discover, instantly diagnose, and rapidly resolve even the most challenging performance and user experience issues. eG Innovations' award-winning solutions are trusted by the world's most demanding companies to ensure end user productivity, deliver return on transformational IT investments, and keep business services up and running. Customers include JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, CSC, Cathay Bank, Hospital Corp of America, AllScripts, Honeywell, Fidelity Investments, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Samsung, Xerox, Marathon Oil, US Department of State, The Government of Canada, McKesson, Aviva, AXA, and many more. To learn more visit

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