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eG Innovations introduces VDI performance assessment service designed to move VDI deployments from test to best

ISELIN, N.J., May 2, 2012eG Innovations, the award-winning provider of automated performance management solutions for virtual, cloud and physical IT infrastructures, today announced a new groundbreaking VDI performance assessment service, eG Perform™, to help companies pre-empt and overcome virtual desktop performance issues so they can deliver on the desktop virtualization promise of flexibility, scalability and end-user satisfaction. The new assessment service will be launched in San Francisco at Citrix Synergy on May 9 – 11 in Booth 513.

eG Perform is designed in response to a growing trend where VDI pilots go well until virtual desktops are being rolled out in production environments with thousands of users, when unexpected performance and cost overrun problems start to occur. Users start to complain about sluggish applications and ask for their laptops back. Attempts at fixing these performance problems by using traditional virtual desktop planning tools and by throwing more hardware at the problem quickly cause cost overruns, kill ROI and typically don’t resolve the performance issue. eG Perform fills a huge gap in the market by identifying VDI bottlenecks and helping companies restore performance and deliver on the promise of desktop virtualization.

"For the past few years the industry has been anticipating ‘the year of VDI," said Karin Kelley, analyst, Infrastructure Management, 451 Research. “However, most companies are finding that desktop virtualization is not delivering the expected ROI, end user experience and flexibility. Many projects simply stall or fail."

Kelley added: "In the early stages of VDI adoption, pre-deployment assessments were made to determine the feasibility of virtualizing physical desktops. As VDI deployments move from pilot and POC stages, assessing the performance in production deployments remains key to companies that are evaluating the extent of their investment. The eG Perform service provides detailed reports on VDI performance across all tiers of infrastructure that will help companies make these important decisions."

In light of the risk of VDI failure, executives charged with delivering virtual desktop success are often paying a high price and putting their careers at risk for attempting complex deployments without the proper performance assurance controls and processes in place. eG Innovations eG Perform service helps companies mitigate this risk and succeed with planned desktop virtualization initiatives and rescue stalled VDI deployments from failure.

“Virtual desktop deployments are quite complex and many companies fly blind without complete performance visibility into the components of the VDI environment and their dynamic inter-dependencies,” said Srinivas Ramanathan, founder and CEO of eG Innovations. "It is not uncommon for small-scale pilots to perform just fine. The performance problems start when pilots move to production. Traditional management and assessment tools fail to provide rapid insight into large-scale VDI deployments because they are designed for yesterday’s static, physical environments. These silo-monitoring tools are difficult to use, often can’t handle the new layers of abstraction and the dynamic inter-dependencies in virtual infrastructures."

In the early stages of VDI deployment, focus was on desktop virtualization viability. Pre-deployment assessments were used to determine the virtualization readiness of physical desktops. As the technology matured, the focus shifted to performance assurance, right sizing and optimization of large scale deployments. Consequently, performance assessment has had to evolve from just focusing on physical desktops to a complete analysis of the virtual desktop infrastructure.

The VDI performance assessment service eG Perform leverages eG Innovations’ patented and award-winning cloud-based performance assurance platform that delivers pre-emptive, automated, and integrated performance assurance for dynamic IT environments. eG Perform deploys a unique methodology and patented technology to provide VDI project managers with:

  • Actionable insight and guidance to quickly diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks, and deliver on the promise of exceptional performance, user productivity, and ROI;
  • Complete end-to-end performance visibility and diagnosis across every tier, every layer of the virtual desktop service – Citrix, VMware, Network, Active Directory, Storage, Applications - so you know what’s working and what’s not; and,
  • Detailed reports and powerful analytics to right-size and optimize the virtual desktop infrastructure and increase ROI, complete with actionable insight into hardware bottlenecks, top users, top apps, critical dependencies, etc. 

Integrated with eG’s on-demand cloud-based performance assurance platform eG-on-Tap, the eG Perform assessment service allows enterprises to baseline their current VDI performance, understand critical bottlenecks, and identify how they can optimize their virtual desktop infrastructure for peak performance and cost efficiency.

Enterprises interested in trying out the service risk-free can get a complete eG Perform analysis for up to five servers free of charge for a three-week period. The service will deliver a comprehensive report documenting the current performance of the virtual desktop infrastructure complete with identified performance bottlenecks and areas for optimization.

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