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eG Innovations unveils sweeping enhancements to its business service infrastructure monitoring software

Configuration management and Java monitoring features plus usability enhancements, increased depth and breadth of monitoring, and enhanced integration make eG Enterprise easier to setup, deploy and use

ISELIN, N.J.; Aug. 30, 2010eG Innovations, Inc ., a global supplier of business service monitoring software for virtual and physical IT infrastructures, announced today more than 100 enhancements in Version 5 of its award-winning eG Enterprise SuiteTM. With new functionality, integration enhancements, increased breadth and depth of monitoring for cloud-based infrastructures plus enhanced usability, eG Enterprise is more powerful and easier to set up, use and deploy than ever before.

New functionality includes configuration and change management, new Java application monitoring capabilities , new monitoring dashboards, and extensions to the eG Integration Console to allow any Java management attribute to be easily added for monitoring. Integration enhancements include hardware monitoring for IBM servers by interfacing with IBM Director and command-line interface (CLI) capabilities for third-party orchestration engines, reporting, capacity planning and trouble ticketing tools.

In the area of increased breadth of monitoring, eG Enterprise version 5 extends its patent-pending In-N-Out MonitoringTM technology with support for Microsoft Hyper-V and AIX LPAR hypervisors in addition to existing support for VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Virtual Server, Solaris LDoms and Containers. To extend its end-to-end visibility, eG Enterprise also includes specialized monitoring for Hitachi, IBM, and HP SAN devices and additional network devices.

The depth of monitoring for existing VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer monitors has been enhanced. eG Enterprise also has tighter integration with VMware vCenter. Auto-discovery of vSphere servers can be done using vCenter, and vCenter tasks and events are tracked by the eG Enterprise system and alerts generated on noticing failures. eG Enterprise v5 also includes a number of application and database monitoring enhancements. To simplify deployment, eG Enterprise includes enhancements to its auto-discovery capability, simplified licensing, and improved scalability, maintenance and reporting.

“With several hundred man years of effort, version 5 represents one of the most significant enhancements to the eG Enterprise product suite,” said Srinivas Ramanathan, founder, president and CEO of eG Innovations. “With eG Enterprise v5, we have expanded on our competitive strengths in monitoring, diagnosis and root cause analytics. With monitoring of more than 120 applications, 10 operating systems and seven virtualization platforms – all fully embedded and correlated out-of-the box for a single fixed license – eG Enterprise is a highly cost-effective solution for our customers in maximizing the performance of their hybrid physical/virtual/cloud IT infrastructures.”

Configuration Management, Java Monitoring among most Important Enhancements

With the new configuration management capability, eG Enterprise now offers a single unified interface from where performance and configuration metrics can be tracked and correlated. A high percentage of IT infrastructure performance problems are related to improperly configured or updated servers, network devices or applications. The introduction of virtualization only makes the problem worse. To track current configuration and configuration changes, eG Enterprise supports agent-based and agentless mechanisms. Metrics are collected at the network, server operating system, and application layers and stored in a central repository (CMDB). Administrators can use a 100% web-based configuration management console to learn about the current IT assets, check configuration information and detect unplanned/unauthorized configuration changes. Performance degradations can also be correlated with configuration changes, so administrators can more accurately get to the root-cause of a problem.

New Java Virtual Machine (JVM) monitoring capabilities are aimed at rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting for Java-based web and standalone applications. Within minutes, administrators can view diagnostics that point to the exact line of code that is causing a CPU spike, a deadlock, or unexpected blocking. eG Enterprise v5 also offers a quick and easy way to integrate monitoring of custom Java applications that publish metrics using the JMX standard into the enterprise management console.

Improvements in Integration, Usability, Deployment

Agility is the cornerstone of cloud computing. To deliver on its promise, cloud computing must ensure that systems -- as well as the necessary monitoring software -- are provisioned rapidly. The new command line interface (CLI) included in eG Enterprise v5 allows enterprises and service providers to automate the basic provisioning of the monitoring software. The CLI is a set of commands that can be configured in an orchestration engine. When a new system is provisioned, the orchestration engine can communicate with the eG Enterprise manager using the CLI to perform key configuration tasks without human intervention.

To simplify deployment, eG Enterprise now allows for inter-changeable use of agent-based and agentless monitors. Administrators no longer need to decide on the split of agent-based and agentless monitors prior to the deployment. Agent-based and agentless monitors can be provisioned as necessary provided the total number of monitors supported by the eG license is not exceeded.

Also new in this release are new monitoring dashboards that build on the layered models used in prior versions to provide users direct at-a-glance views of key metrics at the network, system and application layers. These new dashboards:

  • Provide a single, central console that not only depicts the current state of a layer, but also instantly indicates the root-cause of issues pertaining to that layer, thereby enabling administrators immediately to go from problem effect to the problem source.
  • Combine both raw and graphically represented data, and facilitate an in-depth analysis of not just live performance, but also the historical performance of a particular layer, thus shedding light on potential problems.
  • Display most problematic metrics faster with fewer click-throughs on topology graph components.

"All of the new and enhanced capabilities we are announcing make clear and measurable contributions to improving the performance and ease of use of eG Enterprise in multi-tier enterprise and service provider environments," Ramanathan said. "No matter what the nature and scope of their IT infrastructure may be, customers can be confident that eG Enterprise is the only monitoring solution they need to ensure optimum performance of their critical businesses services and applications."

Availability and Pricing

eG Enterprise v5 will be available towards the end of September 2010. Pricing for a 25-node environment starts at $50,000. For more information, visit

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