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New Citrix performance management survey reveals key challenges and best practices

ISELIN, NJ - September 18, 2014 - eG Innovations the award-winning provider of intelligent performance monitoring solutions for today's virtualized IT environments and DABCC, the online Citrix and IT community site, today released the results of the first global survey that explores the current state of Citrix performance management.

Over 600 Citrix professionals participated in the survey, and the results have been compiled into a data rich, 23-page report to provide valuable benchmarks and new insights into the challenges, technology choices, and best practices for Citrix performance management.

Download the Citrix Performance Management Report:

Here are some of the key survey findings:

  • Performance management is critical for the success of Citrix deployments. 97% of respondents consider performance management to be important for the expansion of their Citrix infrastructure. 86% of respondents consider performance as a key concern during migration of Citrix versions.
  • Citrix gets the blame whether the problem is Citrix related or not. The biggest performance challenge respondents face is that Citrix gets blamed for all user experience problems - even if the problem is not with the Citrix tiers. However, a majority of the time (65%), performance problems are NOT directly caused by the Citrix tiers.
  • Admins spend more time fire-fighting and troubleshooting performance problems. In over 60% of cases, respondents spend more than 30% of their time fire-fighting and troubleshooting performance problems. One of the key reasons is that Citrix performance management is still mostly manual.
  • Proactive alerting most important to Citrix professionals. A majority of respondents (68%) are looking to make Citrix performance management proactive, so they get alerted and can fix issues before users notice.
  • Most IT admins don't benchmark their Citrix environment. Despite the interest in managing Citrix performance proactively, very few respondents have solid performance benchmarks of their Citrix infrastructure. 26% of respondents have NEVER conducted any performance benchmark. 18% conducted benchmarks only during migration.

Download the Citrix Performance Management Report

To download the full 23-page report, please click here:

Press Quotes

"To deliver the best possible user experience, Citrix environments need to be not only well architected but also well monitored and managed so administrators can identify and diagnose problems early on," said Douglas Brown, Founder and CEO of DABCC. "The Citrix performance management survey confirms that a majority of respondents are looking to make Citrix performance management more proactive, so they get alerted and can prevent issues from escalating and impacting end users and business processes."

"The survey reveals that while performance and user experience is becoming more critical to the success of Citrix deployments, Citrix admins still struggle with information overload from too many silo tools that don't provide a fast and easy answer to their performance questions," added Holger Schulze, Vice President, Marketing for eG Innovations. "There is an opportunity for Citrix admins to upgrade their analytics capabilities with new tools that can provide actionable intelligence across all tiers and layers of the IT environment."

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