7 Common myths of Citrix Performance Monitoring

Citrix digital workplaces are one of the most performance-sensitive technologies being deployed in enterprise networks today. Any anomaly in the network, the Citrix servers, or the applications being accessed can result in poor performance and lost employee productivity. This can ripple across the enterprise and impact customers, delay new opportunities and result in frustrated employees who are working remotely.

In this webinar, John Worthington, Director Customer Success at eG Innovations, de-bunks 7 common myths of Citrix performance monitoring:

  • Monitoring Citrix is about monitoring resources.
  • Most monitoring tools support Citrix well.
  • Monitoring Citrix tiers is sufficient for great user experience.
  • Built-in Citrix tools give you the insights you need.
  • Monitoring is mainly needed for diagnosing problems only.
  • If you over-provision, you won't need monitoring.
  • Agents must be deployed on all client systems in order to understand the Citrix user experience.

You will also learn best practices for monitoring the performance of your Citrix services and deliver a great experience for employees.

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Webinar Presenter

John Worthington

Director of Customer Success
eG Innovations