How to Get the Fastest Possible Citrix Logon Times

Logon is a user's first interaction with the Citrix digital workspace service, and hence, a slow logon can influence a user's opinion of the service in a way that no other metric can. Therefore, logon time is the #1 key performance indicator (KPI) in Citrix environments.

Slow logons have an impact not just on user perception, but also productivity. When each logon takes minutes - maybe on multiple systems - it results in lost work time and costs the business. So, it is imperative that logons be as quick and non-intrusive as possible. But how can we make this happen?

Watch this technical webinar and learn the best practices that James Rankin, Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) used to cut down logon time from 52.7 secs to 8.2 secs for Citrix Virtual Apps running on Windows Server 2019.

In this webinar, you will also learn:

  • The importance of logons time in a Citrix workspace
  • What a Windows logon consists of, and what happens in each phase
  • A breakdown of the key stages of logon, and what you can do to speed up each stage
  • A before-and-after comparison of a Windows 10 logon from non-optimized to optimized

You will take away actionable steps to implement immediately in your Citrix environment and ensure that user logon times are better than ever before!

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Webinar Presenter

James Rankin

independent consultant, Citrix CTP