How to Avoid Java & .NET Application Performance Issues Using Business Transaction Tracing

Most APM tools offer user experience monitoring and transaction tracing capabilities, however APM by itself may not enable you to isolate performance issues across an entire digital business service ecosystem.

Watch this webinar by John Worthington, Director of Customer Success, eG Innovations, and learn how real user monitoring and transaction tracing can be part of a unified monitoring strategy that leverages converged application (APM) and infrastructure (IPM) performance monitoring.

In this informative webinar, you will see how:

  • Business transaction tracing works to deliver code-level visibility, and why it is important for diagnosing web application slowdowns
  • The convergence of APM and IPM can provide holistic visibility and performance analysis of end-user experience, business transactions, application code, and infrastructure dependencies – all from a single pane of glass
  • A unified view of the application environment allows line of business owners and IT admins to easily isolate the root cause of issues

Learn how you can ensure peak performance of your business-critical applications through development, testing, pre-production, and production rollout.

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Webinar Presenter

John Worthington

Director of Customer Success
eG Innovations