Best Practices for Troubleshooting Four Real-world Java Performance Issues

If you are managing or operating Java-based web applications, you have probably heard your users complain many a time that "the application is slow". After spending hours, you find out that the issue was not your application, but with a third-party service that your application relies upon. Web application performance issues can also occur due to code problems, database table locks or slowness on the browser, to name a few reasons.

Watch this technical webinar to learn how to troubleshoot four real-world performance issues with Java-based web applications in minutes. This session will include hands-on demos using multi-tiered micro-services web applications.

If you are a Java developer or architect, DevOps professional or an IT operations expert, this session is just right for you.

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Webinar Presenter

Arun Aravamudhan

Product Head - APM
eG Innovations