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Top-5 Best Practices for Virtual Desktop SuccessHow to deliver VDI performance assurance, user satisfaction, and ROI

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Virtual Desktop Performance

Virtual desktop and VDI initiatives promise a variety of benefits - but the underlying IT architecture adds significant complexity and risk. Virtual desktop users expect application delivery to be as fast and reliable as their physical desktop experience. A single failure in the service infrastructure can bring virtual desktop performance to a crawl, and significantly impact user productivity and business processes. And when a user calls about “slow applications”, how do you discover and quickly fix the true service performance bottleneck: Is it the network? Profile server? Web? Desktop Virtualization platform? Storage? 

How to Get Performance Assurance

Join this on-demand webinar and learn from desktop transformation experts Karin Kelley (451 Group), Srinivas Ramanathan (eG Innovations) and Rick Ruskin (eG Innovations) how to: