Is Citrix Cloud Enterprise Ready? Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Citrix Cloud Deployments

Citrix Cloud is a new offering from Citrix that enables you to deliver Virtual Apps and Desktops as a service. Citrix Cloud uses a hybrid model: while the control plane of your Citrix site resides in the cloud, you can have the resource plane either on-premises or in the cloud.

Because the Citrix Delivery Controller, StoreFront, Gateway, and SQL database are all hosted and managed by Citrix, Citrix Cloud eases deployment and maintenance for administrators. Citrix administration teams would continue to run their Citrix Virtual Apps servers and Citrix Virtual Desktops VMs from their on-premises infrastructure.

With a heavy push from Citrix towards upgrading customers to Citrix Cloud, a question that every organization has is “Is Citrix Cloud Enterprise ready? Should we move to the cloud?” We answer these questions and more during this webinar.

Watch this on-demand webinar by David Wilkinson, Citrix Expert and EUC Architect, to learn:

  • The basics of Citrix Cloud: architecture, features and benefits
  • What’s new in the latest release of Citrix Cloud
  • Is Citrix Cloud enterprise ready?
  • Key considerations for deploying Citrix Cloud
  • Monitoring best practices for performance assurance

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David Wilkinson

Citrix CTP