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All too often when there is a problem with Citrix performance, finger pointing starts and Citrix administrators often struggle to determine the root-cause of the problem so they can quickly restore service levels: Is it Citrix? The application server? The virtualization layer? Is it the network? Database? Storage?

Watch this webinar "How to become a Citrix Performance Hero" and learn how to achieve complete performance visibility, automate diagnosis across all IT domains and deliver exceptional user experience.

This webinar reviews three quick steps for assuring that your Citrix infrastructure operates efficiently, delivers high performance at all times, and that your users are happy & productive. We demonstrate how to identify the true performance bottlenecks (for instance, is it storage, the virtualization layer, the network, profile server, the web, etc.) and how you can proactively fix the challenges even before users are impacted. Get 360 degree visibility across every layer, every tier of the Citrix service and become a performance hero in three easy steps:

  • Monitoring Citrix Services instead of Silos
  • Right Size your Citrix server farm for Great ROI
  • Pre-emptive Performance Assurance to ensure great Citrix user experience


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With eG Enterprise we are a step ahead of our users. When eG's root-cause engine identifies where a problem is, we know we are not going down the wrong path.

- Donna Jellison, Manager of Intel Systems at Alverno Information Systems.

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