Citrix is Slow! How to Identify, Troubleshoot and Fix your Latency Problems

Latency is the most important criteria by which Citrix performance is judged. Any delay in keystrokes appearing on the screen or applications launching or choppy video playback results in "Citrix is slow" complaints from users. How can you design your Citrix deployment to minimize latency? How can you proactively detect and troubleshoot Citrix latency issues?

In this webinar, George Spiers will answer a variety of questions and present best practices you can use to identify, troubleshoot and fix Citrix latency issues before your end-users start flooding your service desk with "Citrix is slow" tickets and learn:

  • How Citrix latency affects user satisfaction and productivity
  • What are the common causes of Citrix latency
  • Tools available for measuring Citrix latency
  • Design changes you can make to minimize Citrix latency
  • How to quickly troubleshoot Citrix latency and pinpoint the cause of slowness

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Webinar Presenters

George Spiers

Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)
Founder of EUC UK

Nanda Kumar

Director - Solutions Engineering
eG Innovations