Proactive Citrix Logon Monitoring with FREE Citrix Logon Simulator

Slow Citrix logon is one of the most common complaints faced by Citrix admins. When logon is slow, it affects user experience for Citrix end-users and, in turn, the business productivity. There are many steps involved in the Citrix logon process and it could be difficult for admins to pinpoint what is causing slowness: is it due to authentication, session establishment, enumeration, application launch, etc.?

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar where Vinod Mohan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at eG Innovations, discusses how eG Enterprise Express FREE Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, a fully SaaS-based free tool, helps you simulate logon scenarios and proactively catch issues before real users are affected.

Topics covered include an overview of the FREE Citrix Logon Simulator, a brief demonstration of the SaaS product, benefits, and interesting use cases for Citrix admins, such as:

  • Monitoring Citrix logon synthetically across different locations
  • Diagnosing the reason for logon slowdown
  • Benchmarking logon performance
  • Supporting your Citrix 7.x upgrade

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Webinar Presenter

Vinod Mohan

Senior Product Marketing Manager
eG Innovations