Choosing a Citrix Monitoring Strategy: Key Capabilities and Pitfalls to Avoid

In a recent Citrix Performance Management Survey conducted by eG Innovations and DABCC, 93% of respondents designated Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop as two of the most performance sensitive technologies in use in enterprise networks today. Slow logins, frequent session disconnects and slow screen refreshes are just some of common complaints that Citrix administrators have to deal with these days. Furthermore, often when a user complains that their desktop is slow or an application is slow to launch, the issue is not in the Citrix tiers – but instead in the network, the virtualization platform, or storage tiers. End-to-end visibility, root-cause diagnosis and proactive alerting are therefore key requirements for Citrix administrators.

In this on-demand webinar, Citrix Certified Expert Rob Beekmans, Senior Consultant with PQR, a Citrix Platinum Advisor, and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations, discuss the key requirements of effective Citrix performance monitoring as well as common pitfalls you need to avoid. Watch it to discover: 

  • Key requirements for Citrix performance monitoring
  • Where Citrix Director helps and its limitations
  • When you will need to consider Citrix NetScaler Insight Center
  • The pros and cons of the Citrix management packs for Microsoft SCOM
  • How eG Enterprise augments the built-in Citrix tools, providing end-to-end visibility, rapid diagnosis and advanced reporting for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

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Webinar Presenters

Rob Beekmans

Senior Consultant

Srinivas Ramanathan

eG Innovations