eG Innovations powering NextGen MSP resilience

Measuring resources such as how CPU, Memory, Disks are doing and so on is no longer enough for MSPs to sustain resilience in an ever-changing sophisticated technology landscape. And, with increasing adoption of cloud for business needs and the spread of remote workforces, the emphasis has taken a paradigm shift from measuring the physical and logical resources to proactively measuring digital experiences.

Additionally, finding the root-causes of performance bottlenecks that originate from on-premises or cloud infrastructures is, often challenging when you only have visibility into the resource usage of your own infrastructure. Is it due to the application code? application server? the user's workload? Could it be the network?

Join Stuart Kennedy and Mike Ferioli for a hands-on session where they will show you how NextGen MSPs are evolving the resilience needed in providing the level of flexibility and agility customers of today demand.

You will learn about:

  • What MSP Industry trends we've been seeing with our partners globally;
  • Why it is imperative for today's MSP IT Ops to successfully navigate the paradigm shift;
  • How MSPs have been able to improve their MTTRs; First-time fixes; Automate root cause diagnostics; Improving the end-user DEM whilst achieving leaner, more agile operating models delivering sustainable growth.

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Webinar Presenters

Stuart Kennedy

Technical Service Manager
eG Innovations

Mike Ferioli

Account & Channel Manager
eG Innovations