End-to-End IT Application and Infrastructure Monitoring from a Single Pane of Glass

The widespread reliance of businesses on IT means that IT problems can be business impacting. Loss of reputation, lost revenue and productivity are just some of the consequences of poor IT performance.

While IT applications have become sophisticated, the underlying infrastructure has become very dynamic, heterogeneous and complicated. The toughest issue that an IT administrator has to deal with is when users complain that "the application is slow". The key question is where is the root-cause of the problem: is it the network, or the storage, or the virtualization platform, or the database, or the application code itself?

To answer this question, you need a unified approach to IT application and infrastructure monitoring: a single pane of glass from where you can quickly figure if its an application issue or an infrastructure problem.

In this webinar, learn how eG Enterprise offers a single pane of glass for end-to-end IT performance monitoring:

  • Track user experience using synthetic and real user monitoring
  • Monitor the performance of every layer and every tier of the infrastructure
  • Correlate performance across tiers to determine where the root-cause of the problem lies
  • Get insights for performance optimization, right-sizing and planning

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Webinar Presenters

Srinivas Ramanathan

eG Innovations

Jimmy Hoi

Regional Sales Manager, ANZ
eG Innovations