How to Support the Hybrid Workplace in 2021 and Beyond

Did anyone try turning 2020 off and back on again? If only it had been that easy! Now in 2021, prepare yourself and your organization to face the ongoing challenges with confidence and a solid action plan.

We've invited the industry's biggest experts to share some war stories from "the year that must not be named" and help guide you to a successful 2021.

Our expert panel and CTPs, VMware vExperts, and Microsoft MVPs answers your biggest questions, including:

  • How did IT business priorities change during 2020 and how does this impact 2021?
  • What did we learn about remote work in 2020 and how does that change our decision making in 2021?
  • How do "offices of the future" impact EUC?
  • Are mobile IT departments the new norm?

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Webinar Presenters

Barry Schiffer

Pre-sales Consultant,
Citrix CTP

Matthias Schlimm

Managing Consultant,
Citrix CTP

Patrick Coble

Security Nerd Citrix CTP,
VMware vExpert

Rachel Berry

Technical Product Marketing
eG Innovations

Johan van Amersfoort

Technologist EUC & AI VMware vExpert,
VMware EUC Champion