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4 Ways to Reduce IT Alert Fatigue and Improve Operational Efficiency Accelerating Detailed Diagnosis of Performance Anomalies

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Isolating why an end-user’s application is slow has always been challenging, and in today’s digital services world is more business-critical than ever. The event storms created by complex digital services have created an epidemic of alert fatigue. While artificial intelligence and analytics promise relief the differences between analytics, artificial intelligence and event correlation can be confusing.

Simply put, event correlation makes sense of events. So, while artificial intelligence and analytics are important, when the storm hits it is event correlation that moves you toward a detailed diagnosis and actionable information.

This 30-minute webinar outlines 4 key goals of an effective event correlation solution:

John Worthington, Director of Customer Success for eG Innovations, describes how each of these goals can provide you relief from alert fatigue. You can expect to: