Make synthetic monitoring a critical part of your IT monitoring strategy: Why and How?

Many IT monitoring tools fail in the real-world because they are reactive to outages and events. The first time the IT team knows there is a problem is when the service desk sees a pile of tickets with users complaining that their "application is slow."

Adding a layer of synthetic monitoring can make ITOps go from being reactive to proactive. This helps the ITOps team to cut down on the number of service desk tickets because you can see where the bottlenecks are before end-users even notice.

While logon simulators are ubiquitous for Citrix and VMware Horizon environments, users really care about whether the applications they use in their job such as SAP, Office, Epic or Salesforce are responsive and usable. Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How to record and automate REAL workflows to test any application - web apps or thick apps within a published desktops like Citrix, VMware Horizon, Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft AVD, etc.
  • How to check that web apps used by your employees are not just responsive but working as expected - this is critical for businesses that rely on SaaS applications like Office 365 and Salesforce
  • How to validate that employees are able to logon to published desktops AND perform routine tasks in applications like SAP and Epic
  • How to correlate the performance of the application with the underlying IT infrastructure to determine if bottlenecks are on the users' network, in the third-party application or within your infrastructure

If you are struggling to be proactive, or to shift from monitoring resources to monitoring the digital experience of your users, this webinar is just right for you to see how to get started with synthetic monitoring.

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Webinar Presenters

Rachel Berry

Technical Product Marketing
eG Innovations

Thyagarajan UdayaKumar

Lead Technical Consultant
eG Innovations