From pilot to production, eG Enterprise enables comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring of Citrix VDI. With its industry-leading Enterprise Cloud Platform, Nutanix elevates IT by making the hyper-converged infrastructure invisible and empowering organizations to focus on what matters most - application performance.

Together, Nutanix and eG Innovations offer a fully validated, hypervisor-agnostic platform designed to optimize the deployment, management, and scale of Citrix VDI environments. The goal? To avoid performance degradation and deliver the best user experience.

In this on-demand Citrix Ready webinar, you will discover how eG Innovations and Nutanix are collaborating to:

  • Make Citrix VDI more simple, cost-effective, and hypervisor-agnostic
  • Correlate application and virtualization performance to pinpoint and solve the root cause of performance problems
  • Deliver optimal VDI User Experience using enhanced monitoring and management for Citrix VDI deployments
  • Get insights to optimize and right-size your Nutanix infrastructure, avoid downtime and improve datacenter efficiency, invest wisely and reduce the cost and complexity of IT operations management

Citrix Performance Monitoring Solutions


Bala Vaidhinathan

Bala Vaidhinathan

eG Innovations

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Tommy Gustaveson

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With eG Enterprise we are a step ahead of our users. When eG's root-cause engine identifies where a problem is, we know we are not going down the wrong path.

- Donna Jellison, Manager of Intel Systems at Alverno Information Systems.

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