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Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments

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Virtual desktops are being widely adopted as a cost-effective way of providing users access to enterprise applications, wherever they are. In fact, a recent 2015 State of the Desktop Survey - Virtual Desktops, found that 36.5% of respondents had already implemented some level of virtual desktop use and 32.5% of those not currently using virtual desktops plan to do so in the next one-to-three years. Performance of these desktops and the scalability of virtual desktop deployments are the keys to the success of these IT initiatives.

In this webinar, Jeff Stokes, Senior Content Developer, Microsoft and Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO, eG Innovations focused on Microsoft Windows virtual desktop image creation best practices and performance monitoring technologies that you should adopt to get the most of your virtual desktop infrastructure investments. Watch it to discover: