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Performance Management & Monitoring for RHEV 3.0Delivering Service Performance, User Satisfaction & ROI in Virtualized Environments

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Performance in Virtual Environments

For enterprise virtualization initiatives to be successful, it is critical that end-users see the same, or better, performance from virtual infrastructures as they had with physical infrastructures. When users call and say "My application is slow", it is often difficult and very time consuming to diagnose and resolve the root cause of the problem. Is it the Java application? Is it the RedHat virtualization layer? Is it the network or storage (EMC, NetApp, etc.)?

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Join us for a 30 minute hands-on demonstration of eG Enterprise for RHEV and learn how eG Innovations can help you not only restore performance and user productivity quickly, but build performance assurance right into your environment so that you can pre-emptively address future performance challenges before they happen. Where traditional monitoring tools fail to provide rapid insight into root causes of service issues, eG Innovations provides total performance visibility and automated diagnosis across every layer and every tier of your service. Today, eG Innovations is the only performance management & monitoring platform that can manage complex, virtualized environments and automatically diagnose and quickly repair root causes across all tiers of the IT infrastructure.

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