eG Enterprise v7: The Complete User Experience Monitoring Solution

Introducing eG Enterprise v7

User experience is top of mind for IT executives in today’s application-centric world. Monitoring resource usage levels is not enough any longer. In today’s digital era, organizations must take a holistic perspective of user experience.

Join this webinar to learn about eG Enterprise v7, the complete user experience monitoring solution for any type of business application including digital workspaces (Citrix, VMware Horizon), web applications, enterprise apps (SharePoint, SAP, etc.), or SaaS applications.

What you will learn in this webinar
  • New tools and techniques to monitor user experience, using a combination of synthetic simulation and real user monitoring
  • How domain expertise built-into eG Enterprise v7 helps unearth the cause of even the toughest application performance issue
  • New visualizations and dashboards that provide granular performance insight and contextual visibility, reducing time to resolve problems
  • New reports and analytics for user experience assessment, capacity planning and prediction

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Webinar Presenter

Srinivas Ramanathan

eG Innovations