With Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop being two of the most critical and performance-sensitive applications used in enterprise networks today, Citrix performance management is of vital importance for a positive user experience and business continuity.

In this webinar, Raymond Otero, Manager of End-User Computing, Anexinet - a leading Citrix Gold Solution Advisor, and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations, discussed the top seven mistakes that IT professional make when managing their Citrix-based services as well as the best practices to address and avoid these mistakes to ensure positive user experiences and business operations.

View this on-demand webinar to discover how:

  • Performance management is no longer just about monitoring CPU, memory and disk resources
  • When a user complains that "Citrix is slow", it is not always a Citrix issue
  • Built-in tools provided in the Citrix stack are useful, but not always sufficient for managing performance end-to-end
  • Virtual desktops are VMs, but you can't confidently use monitoring tools you've used for virtual servers to monitor virtual desktops
  • You don't always have to involve your experts in problem diagnosis
  • Performance management is more than just about troubleshooting problems
  • You shouldn't worry about performance management just after you have deployed the Citrix infrastructure

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Raymond Otero

Raymond Otero

Manager, Infrastructure Delivery & End-User Computing

Srinivas Ramanathan

Srinivas Ramanathan

eG Innovations

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