Why is My Java Application Slow? 5 Java Monitoring Best Practices to Deliver a Great User Experience

"My application is slow" is a common complaint heard at the help desk from frustrated users and Java application slow downs are so frequent these days that they cost businesses twice as much as actual downtime. When slowness occurs, IT managers often do not have sufficient visibility and insight to quickly determine what caused, and how to resolve, the issue. Is it due to the network, the database, application code, virtualization or storage?

In this webinar, Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations, presented a multi-dimensional approach to performance monitoring and diagnosis that is necessary for ensuring that your Java applications are performing effectively – ensuring quick resolution and a positive user experience. View this on-demand webinar to discover:

  • How to monitor the real user experience of Java applications and be proactively alerted to issues
  • How tag-and-follow transaction tracing helps identify application code issues quickly
  • Why you need to go beyond transaction tracing for root-cause diagnosis of Java performance issues
  • Why insights into the Java container and Java virtual machine performance matter
  • How performance correlation across the application and infrastructure tiers is essential for root-cause diagnosis

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Webinar Presenter

Bala Vaidhinathan

eG Innovations