7 Myths of Citrix Performance Monitoring

With the rapid evolution of Citrix and digital workspace technologies and the advent of cloud computing, proactive performance management has become one of the big challenges for Citrix administrators. Many of them have common perceptions of how Citrix performance monitoring must be done:

  • There are many who believe that monitoring resources used by Citrix users and applications is a key.
  • Some admins feel that there are many tools for monitoring and it doesn’t matter which one they use.
  • Citrix admins have tended to focus their monitoring on just the Citrix stack. Is that sufficient?
  • The Citrix stack has built-in monitoring tools and Citrix admins restrict themselves to these tools.
  • Monitoring is seen as something that is needed only when there are performance issues.
  • Over-provisioning, by adding additional hardware, is seen by some as the solution to performance problems.
  • Agents on Citrix endpoints are seen as the way to monitor user experience.

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