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Key Considerations for a Performance Monitoring Solution for Your Citrix Infrastructure

An In-depth Analysis and a Checklist


When your end users complain of slow Citrix logon, slow application access, session disconnects, screen freezes, etc. you immediately get into a firefighting mode to find and fix the problem. You know by experience this is not an easy thing.

Given the heterogeneous nature of the Citrix delivery infrastructure and the many inter-dependencies between tiers, problem diagnosis can be challenging unless you have the right monitoring tool to assist you. Monitoring intelligence helps you diagnose user experience issues, identify the root cause and provide actionable insights to help you, the Citrix administrator, troubleshoot the problem and resolve it once and for all. Monitoring is not a luxury anymore; it's a necessity!

Read this white paper and understand some of the key considerations for Citrix monitoring:

Use the checklist at the end of the white paper to help you decide the right monitoring solution for your Citrix infrastructure. Find out how to evaluate and select the best Citrix monitoring solution based your IT needs.