What to Look for in a Cloud Performance Monitoring Solution

From 3 Perspectives: Deployment, The Consumer, and the Cloud Service Provider

Adoption of cloud computing – through its various deployment forms SaaS, IaaS, PaaS – is rising as enterprises look to leverage it for improving the agility, scalability, redundancy and costs savings for their business operations

Although cloud computing offers enterprises several key benefits, it also presents a number of new challenges when it comes to performance management for business services delivered from the cloud. For cloud computing to be successful, it is critical that users of cloud-based services get the same experience as if the services were hosted on a corporate network.

Poor user experience can threaten the success and ROI of cloud initiatives. Hence, it is essential that you plan how you can manage the performance of cloud-based business services. This eG Innovations white paper helps you understand what to look for in a cloud performance management system.

Cloud monitoring

Achieving end-to-end cloud performance assurance

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Srinivas Ramanathan

eG Innovations