eG Enterprise vs. Big 4 Monitoring Solution: Comparing Total Cost of Ownership

A Comparative Analysis and ROI Study

As budgets shrink in today's IT organizations, businesses are required to do more with less. Expenses today are reviewed for necessity, business benefits and to gauge the ROI!

This whitepaper is a comparative analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of eG Enterprise against the Big 4 IT monitoring and management solutions. If you are in consideration of purchasing an IT performance management solution, this white paper will help you understand the costs involved in various stages of procurement of Big 4 monitoring solutions. Using a case study, you will learn how eG Enterprise performance monitoring software is more cost-efficient than Big 4 monitoring suites in terms of licensing, pricing, implementation, management, support and total cost of ownership.

eG Enterprise vs. Big Four Monitoring Solutions

Rapid ROI and tangible cost-savings from eG Enterprise

Download and read this white paper, which will help you make an informed decision on choosing your next IT performance monitoring solution – one that will suit your budget and won't break the bank!

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