Choosing a Monitoring System for Your IT Infrastructure : What should Your Key Considerations be?

Are you looking to purchase a monitoring tool and confused as to what to look for? Fret not!

There is literally a myriad of IT monitoring solutions out there in the market. As an IT administrator, it is very challenging to evaluate various solutions, compare capabilities, analyze pricing and licensing, deployment, maintenance and upgrade options, security policies, etc. and then determine what would be best suited for your environment.

This white paper presents a list of key considerations for organizations evaluating choices for IT performance monitoring solution for their environment. Understand the types of monitoring tools available, various use cases and needs, the capabilities the tool should have for effective performance management, and cost considerations. Educate yourself better to evaluate and choose the right monitoring solution for your requirements.

This eG Innovations white paper will walk you through all you need to know to make an informed decision while choosing the right IT monitoring solution:

  • Factors to be considered according to monitoring needs of the organization
  • What to expect from a monitoring solution and different layers it can monitor
  • Proactive monitoring – Fix an issue before your real user notice!
  • Root cause diagnosis – Don’t be distracted by the effects but focus on the cause
  • Importance of infrastructure triage
  • Cost considerations

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