Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop

book-imgDownload this free guide that takes an in-depth look on how to monitor your Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

Discover the pros and cons of using Azure Monitor and third-party monitoring tools so you can make an informed choice about the right solution for your environment.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The four big challenges you need to overcome for monitoring AVD
  • The ten insights that you need when you monitor AVD, including packet losses, retransmissions, disconnected sessions, and workload balances
  • The four capabilities that your AVD monitoring tool must have
  • The benefits and limitations of using Azure Monitor to monitor your AVD environment
  • Why most AVD admins switch from Azure Monitor to a third-party monitoring tool (hint: Azure Monitor can get costly!)
  • How to switch from reactive to proactive monitoring of AVD and spot and fix problems before end users are impacted
  • How to set up synthetic monitoring to proactively monitor AVD
  • How to use real user monitoring to spot problems before they impact productivity
  • Why monitoring of session hosts alone is not sufficient for comprehensive AVD monitoring and what else you should be monitoring
  • Why you need to look for a monitoring solution that has AIOps capabilities (hint: no one wants to spend hours entering thresholds and setting up alerts everytime there is a configuration change!)

This is the ultimate guide to AVD monitoring that will teach you everything you need to know as you look to ensure peak performance for your end-users.

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