A Unified Approach to SAP Performance Monitoring

How to Improve SAP User Experience & Productivity

When you think of mission critical applications in enterprise networks today, the first one that comes to mind is SAP. Many organizations run business-critical processes on SAP infrastructures. Over 76% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system daily across various applications, such as supply chain, finance, blockchain, IoT, and cloud computing. Downtime and performance slowdowns in SAP services can cost an organization heavily in lost revenue and business productivity.

But monitoring an SAP environment is not easy. SAP is not a standalone application. There are various components within the SAP stack and supporting IT infrastructure component, all of which must work in concert to deliver the SAP service. And SAP infrastructures are complex with virtualized and cloud-based applications too. An SAP admin needs end-to-end visibility of the entire SAP delivery chain and access to unified performance data with correlated insight.

In this eG Innovations white paper, you will discover why performance monitoring and management of SAP is becoming so important as well as the key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating an ideal performance management solution for your SAP infrastructure.

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