Demystifying 5 Major Myths of Virtualization Management

Learn How to Optimize and Manager Your Virtual Environment Effectively

Over the past few years, virtualization has gained dominance in IT across most industries. According to Gartner, over 75% of all x86 workloads are currently virtualized. While virtualization enhances operational efficiency and resource sharing, the question on top of IT professionals' minds is how difficult is it to monitor and manage virtualization?

Considering server, application and desktop virtualization scenarios, this whitepaper enumerates the 5 common myths of virtualization management and replaces them with 5 truths.

Demystifying Virtualization Management Myths:

  • Virtualization makes monitoring easier
  • Resource reservation can be used to ensure that one VM never interferes with the performance of another
  • Virtualization is just another infrastructure tier. It can be monitored and managed independent of other software and hardware tiers that support business services
  • Virtualization platforms include all the tools needed to ensure that the platform is well tuned and operating as expected
  • Tools for monitoring virtual servers are sufficient for monitoring virtual desktops. After all virtual desktops are just VMs

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