Centralized IT Monitoring and Management - Case Study

eG Enterprise at GSF

The software distinguished itself on functionality, ease of use in production, and it perfectly matched our requirements and IT our environment. Quote

Thomas GirardInfrastructure Team Manager, GSF  |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits to GSF

  • Time savings for administrators in diagnosing performance issues
  • Single pane of glass for monitoring all platforms
  • Proactive alerts before issues get out of control
  • Started seeing value within 10 days of implementation

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Monitoring of both heterogeneous physical and virtual environments
  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • Ease of use in production
  • Automated root cause diagnosis

eG Enterprise Enables Better IT Performance

Performance Assurance and Monitoring at GSF - Case Study

Historically, the GSF IT infrastructure has been highly distributed with each of the 105 branch offices hosting their own AS/400 servers running various databases and business applications such as payroll. The goal of the IT transformation project was to centralize IT infrastructure at headquarters to gain better efficiency, reduce cost and improve management of all business applications.

"Actually, it is quite a different story to run a centralized system where an issue can impact 105 branches compared to a decentralized architecture where a local issue only impacts a few users" says Thomas Girard, Manager of the infrastructure team. "This makes efficient performance management even more critical than before."

To better manage the complex and heterogeneous infrastructure and the business critical applications supported by it, GSF started looking for an efficient monitoring and performance management solution that is capable of monitoring the entire spectrum of IT systems involved in the business service and would ensure high application availability and performance across all parts of the company.

The Challenge: Centralize IT Monitoring in Distributed Environment

The key evaluation criteria were ease of integration into the GSF environment, ability to quickly detect and diagnose performance issues across the entire IT environment, and ease of use on a day-to-day basis.

In the proof of concept, eG Innovations demonstrated its ability to monitor Oracle databases running on Unix servers, and to adapt to heterogeneous physical and virtual environments. One of the key differentiators that impressed GSF is eG's capacity to automatically identify root-cause problems, and proactively detect performance issues and alert IT before end users notice.

The Solution: Implement Single Platform for Performance Assurance Monitoring

GSF was also impressed by the speed and ease of deployment demonstrated by eG. The solution's ease of use and its ability to quickly detect and diagnose service performance issues across the entire IT environment made it the clear winner in the GSF selection process.

After defining the specific integration parameters, the complete solution was implemented and running within 10 days. Soon after a comprehensive training, covering all aspects of eG solution, GSF became autonomous in running the eG platform.


Benefits of Centralized IT Monitoring

With eG Innovations, GSF now monitors all of its platforms with a single platform. The simple and intuitive interface saves administrators time in diagnosing system performance issues.

"The software distinguished itself on functionality, ease of use in production, and it perfectly matched our requirements and IT our environment," said Thomas Girard. The solution learns what "normal" system behaviour looks like and proactively alerts administrators before performance issues get out of control. GSF can easily use the product, fine tuning on the fly, modifying some tests, defining maintenance windows, or adding some extra external agents as required.