Comprehensive Windows and Linux Server Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Track server availability, response time performance, logs, resource usage, hardware health, and more

Application performance depends on server performance. When servers are kept healthy and fast, applications running on them would perform much better.

Watch this demo and learn how eG Enterprise delivers in-depth server monitoring for your IT infrastructure. Whether you are running physical, virtual or cloud-hosted server, eG Enterprise has got you covered. With out-of-the-box support for Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, VMware, and other server operating systems, eG Enterprise provides single-pane-of-glass visibility into your heterogeneous server environment.

Key capabilities of the eG Enterprise for server monitoring:

  • Monitor server availability, faults, errors, and performance counters
  • Track server response time, health of services and processes, and resource utilization
  • Keep tabs on hardware health of the server including CPU, temperature, RAM, power supply, etc.
  • Leverage built-in scripts for remediating issues by killing rogue processes, rebooting the server, etc.
  • Auto-correlate server performance with application health to identify the root cause of issues

Server monitoring demo

In-depth visibility and performance metrics for heterogeneous servers and operating systems

Watch a demo of eG Enterprise

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