Modern IT Monitoring with eG Enterprise:
An In-depth Review by Bloor Research

"There is no question that eG Enterprise V7 is a very fully featured application and IT infrastructure monitoring platform."

This in-depth report by Bloor Research provides an expert review to evaluate how eG Enterprise fits in to the ever changing IT performance monitoring landscape. Among a blizzard of buzzwords from DevOps, AIOps, APM, DEM, DEX, SREs, XLAs and more, this report will help the reader understand how to make sense of evolving IT performance monitoring capabilities and how to evaluate end-to-end IT monitoring solutions.

Key findings from this report include:

  • eG Enterprise has a strong integration of functionality and makes it easy for operations teams to quickly identify where problems are occurring
  • It is designed from the point of view of business applications and services, so rather than being a network monitoring tool or a database monitoring tool it looks at the resources the application is using and correlates that information to display topology maps
  • Supplements Azure Monitor and AWS CloudWatch to provide deeper monitoring and analysis of virtual machines along with code visibility of Java, .Net and PHP applications
  • Very suitable for MSPs with secure multi-tenant systems that offer white labelling opportunities
  • Clear, simple to understand licensing options that are affordable compared to larger players in the market while offering comparable capabilities

Download the report to read the full expert review to see how eG Enterprise stacks up as a modern, end-to-end IT performance monitoring solution.

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