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eG acquires new customers for its Enterprise-on-Tap SaaS solution

August 31, 2011– eG Innovations, Inc announced new customers in the healthcare, finance, consulting and outsourcing industries for its eG Enterprise-on-Tap SaaS Solution.

Srinivas Ramanathan, founder and CEO of eG Innovations, said in a release, "We all know the promise of cloud computing is agility, quick scalability and costs savings, but poor user experience of services running in the cloud can threaten the success and ROI of cloud initiatives."

"When performance issues occur with cloud or on-premises services, it's difficult to pinpoint the root cause with traditional tools. Is it Citrix, VMware, VDI, is it the application server or storage, or is it the network? A new, holistic approach is needed to ensure uninterrupted visibility across every tier and every layer of the entire cloud ecosystem and to address the needs of different stakeholders -- from cloud consumers to service providers of private, public and hybrid clouds. This is precisely what eG Enterprise-on-Tap delivers,” Ramanathan added.

eG Innovations a provider of the performance management solution that enable companies deliver mission-critical business services across complex cloud, virtualized, and physical IT environments proposes to demonstrate its solution at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.

The company's solution will be used by new customers which includes PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jupiter Medical Center, HCA Hospital Corporation of America, and others. These companies will leverage eG Enterprise-on-Tap for on-demand, deep visibility into the performance of their business services that run in the cloud, on virtualized platforms or physical on-premises servers, explained officials.

According to company sources eG Enterprise-on-Tap SaaS Solution is an enterprise-class SaaS solution that provides total performance visibility across all tiers and all layers of the distributed cloud ecosystem. This enables the user to proactively discover and instantly diagnose and resolve performance issues before it affects end-user experience.

eG Enterprise-on-Tap is based on a 100 percent Web-based architecture and is simple to deploy. Also it eliminates the need for ports to be opened or rules to be changed in corporate firewalls. It monitors servers within multiple private networks and demilitarized zones. It leverages industry standard security protocols for supporting encrypted communication from the monitored servers.

It allows users to access the administration, monitoring, reporting and configuration of tracking consoles from their Web browsers itself, added officials.

In June 2011 eG Innovations announced that it has expanded its presence in London, UK, to fuel expansion of its sales and engineering activities there as well as in other parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

- Shamila Janakiraman

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